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My Book


I've now put my book up in Lulu.comin an Epub format, as well as .pdf for those who want to print. Unlike the .pdf version, however, now all the hyperlinks work as they did on the DVD some years ago.



Here's part of the introduction:

As the title is intended to indicate, this book is about how a potter can use a little geological knowledge to help him find his materials around him and also perhaps deepen what he may already know about his clay and glazes. It might also point him towards an understanding of, and possibly cures to, problems he may have. This is based on my personal experience--all those heartbreaks and joys I've had over the years.

'Home' Premiere

'Home', an environmental documentary about Earth produced and directed by Luc Besson and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, has been released in 50 countries on Friday to mark World Environment Day. This video shows the premiere of the movie on Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) in Moscow, Russia. Thousand of people gathered there to watch the documentary.

The movie will also be available on YouTube in French, English, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese through June 14 at youtube.com/homeproject.

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I want to show you our weather service for all people who interesting in meteorology and weather.
MeteoStone is a mashup, integrated with google maps, flickr, youtube and several government weather services.
But the main feature is user-generated content, such as weather reports, videos, webcams etc...

Why we add such ability for users as weather report? Just because we know that weather forecasts is not precious often and it don't get infrmation about:
- weather effects like rainbows
- haven't geographical precious more than city, but this information can be useful sometimes
- comments from people, who live in current territhory

Did you saw a films about weather, natural disasters etc with fantastic weather systems in it? :) We want to make a global user-driven weather system and you can help us.

Thanks and welcome to our site!

ps. I hope, this post will be useful for this community. If you have any questions about meteostone, just comment here, or find me on meteostone (I'm mikedin) or mail.me (details is in my LJ profile)
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Keep in mind that the Chinese government(s) has envisioned the dam for a full century, it was just a matter of waiting for technology to catch up:
The first sign was just a crack in the terraced earth, about four inches wide and 35 feet long, villagers said. But engineers found that the crevasse betrayed the danger of a massive landslide. They judged the risk so great that most of Miaohe's 250 farmers were temporarily evacuated. Fearing the hillside would never be safe again, the government started constructing a replacement village on a nearby plateau, blasted out of rock for increased stability.

"This is going to be good," said Han Qinbi, 60, a grizzled peasant who pointed at the spacious new house he and his family will be moving into next summer.

But what Han saw as good fortune was a bad omen for the Chinese government. In the 18 months since the Three Gorges Dam was completed, increasingly clear signs of environmental degradation have started to accumulate along the Yangtze, just as activists had warned. Among the most troubling have been incidents of geological instability in the soaring gorges that now embrace a reservoir stretching behind the dam across a good portion of Hubei province 600 miles southwest of Beijing.