Mikedin (mikedin) wrote in earth_news,

I want to show you our weather service for all people who interesting in meteorology and weather.
MeteoStone is a mashup, integrated with google maps, flickr, youtube and several government weather services.
But the main feature is user-generated content, such as weather reports, videos, webcams etc...

Why we add such ability for users as weather report? Just because we know that weather forecasts is not precious often and it don't get infrmation about:
- weather effects like rainbows
- haven't geographical precious more than city, but this information can be useful sometimes
- comments from people, who live in current territhory

Did you saw a films about weather, natural disasters etc with fantastic weather systems in it? :) We want to make a global user-driven weather system and you can help us.

Thanks and welcome to our site!

ps. I hope, this post will be useful for this community. If you have any questions about meteostone, just comment here, or find me on meteostone (I'm mikedin) or mail.me (details is in my LJ profile)

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